Hello and welcome to Innellan Golf Club

We are delighted you have joined our club and want to you feel at home as quickly as possible. We have produced this document to give you valuable information about the club which will help you to get the most from your membership, especially if you are a beginner who may not have been a member of a golf club before.  For those new members who have played before then we are sure that it will do no harm to be reminded about some of the basics.   No doubt all of our more established members will be happy to answer any questions as well.

Firstly, please visit our website which will inform you of most of what you need to know about the club:- www.innellangolfclub.co.uk. As you are now a member you can register in our private members area to see AGM minutes, accounts and other documents.

Please ensure your membership "bag tag" is displayed on your golf bag at all times so that other members can recognise you as a member. You will get six ‘guest’ tickets which allow you to take on a guest at a cost of £10.00. These are non-transferable and you must play with the guest. If clubhouse closed please put money and ticket through clubhouse letterbox.

Our clubhouse is open to all members to use. We are able to serve drinks and food but as we are trying to keep costs down we are not able to afford to keep it open at all times. During the summer months we will try and cover the clubhouse by volunteers from the membership. During competitions the clubhouse will be open and is a good time to get access. Golf balls are available for purchase.

We all want to enjoy our course and feel proud of the condition it is in. Our greens staff work tirelessly and have priority on the course… so if you see them working on the hole you are playing, wait for them to signal for you to play. Please help by repairing pitch marks, replacing divots and the pin carefully and not standing too close to the hole. We can all help to maintain our fairways so please help by replacing any loose divots that you notice and pressing them down gently with your foot.
Please also remember to be considerate to other golfers on the course – do not shout or make a lot of noise which will put off other golfers. Be aware of others and avoid straying in front of them if you are on the wrong fairway.
For more information visit:

Our course is rarely busy outwith competitions. However it is really important we all allow the group behind to play through if we lose a hole (i.e. fall 1 hole behind the group in front, maybe because you spent time searching for a ball or lost a ball). Just stand aside and wave the group behind to play through. No one likes to have to wait to play their shot so please watch out for the group behind you.

Awareness on the Course
Our course is very compact and has some areas where holes are in close proximity. It is therefore important to be aware there are a few key holes where you need to take extra care and you may even need to wait for others to play. You will soon get used to these spots on the course; it just pays to be mindful of other golfers. Locals sometimes walk on the course and are not as aware of the dangers as golfers are, so watch out for walkers as well. It is important also that you read and take heed of all signage on the course.

1st. There may be players "putting out" on the 9th green which is adjacent to the 1st tee box. Please allow them to finish playing their hole before teeing off. Players may well be playing on the 9th fairway. Please check before you drive and shout ‘fore’ if your ball goes down the 9th when someone is playing up that fairway.  If playing from the medal tee players must  use the viewing steps to check that it is safe to drive.
Be aware that the first green is often out of sight for the second shot and you may need to wait for the green to be cleared prior to playing. Wait till you hear the bell rung before playing. Please ring the bell on the second tee to let players behind know that the green is clear.
2nd Do not drive from the 2nd tee if people are waiting to tee off or playing from the 3rd tee. Players on the tee may wave you to play and in these circumstances it is OK to hit.
5th Please be aware that any drive hooked or pulled left may end up on the 6th fairway. Please shout ‘fore’ if you think someone may be on that fairway. Please ring the bell when you leave the green to let players behind know that the green is clear.
6th Be aware of any wayward drives from the 5th tee box that may encroach onto the 6th fairway.
8th Be aware that someone may be on the practice area and hitting over the 8th fairway. You do have the right to play and anyone practising should stop hitting shots.
9th If your drive goes left towards the 1st fairway please shout ‘fore’ if you think someone may be playing on the 1st fairway. Be aware that someone may be hitting from the 1st tee and cannot see you so please return to the 9th fairway as soon as possible. As you approach the 9th green it is normal course etiquette to stand back and allow the group on the 1st tee to hit their drives. If you are already on the green before anyone arrives on the 1st tee you should finish putting before anyone drives off the 1st.

Whilst the above sounds like a great deal to remember you will soon get accustomed to it and in fact very few accidents occur on the course due to our "careful and diligent players"!

The club has gents and ladies sections for whom the competition season is roughly from April to the end of October. Our club competitions can be viewed or downloaded from our Home page of the website. A printed fixture list can be picked up in the clubhouse. You will see that Monday evenings are usually reserved for Gents competitions and Thursday evenings for Ladies competitions. These peak times are best avoided if you only want a quiet relaxing few holes.
You can enter competitions as soon as you have a handicap. This can be done by transferring your handicap from your previous club (if applicable) by presenting your handicap certificate to the match secretary, or by playing 3 rounds of golf at Innellan with a current member and submitting these “signed cards” to the match secretary. Speak to the match secretary for more details on getting a handicap. For more information see:

The Practice Area

Please feel free to use the practice area adjacent to the 8th fairway. Please be aware of members playing the 8th and do not hit any shots on the practice area when they are playing the hole.

Dress Code
Acceptable golf attire is required at all times on the course. Appropriate shoes must be worn by all Members and Guests on the course which will not damage the greens in particular.  Members and Guests are permitted to wear shorts on the golf course. Please do not remove your top even in the unlikely event of hot weather!

We hope you enjoy playing as a member at Innellan Golf Club. If you have anything you want to ask or suggestions for the club please contact a committee member (see website for committee members) or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


New online tee booking for visitors. Please click the link on the home page. The course is currently operating under prefered lies. Please see first tee for any instructions.
DIY Series Mon15 April postponed due to course conditions and will now be played on Saturday 20 April